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Welcome to Broadfields – so called because that’s exactly what we do! We facilitate the leasing of all makes and models at the most competitive deals available, stress free and delivered to your door at no extra charge.

We will discuss the vehicle(s) you require and your finance options and arrange all the paperwork – one call or email does it all! And with our nationwide contacts and thirty years experience in the industry, we can save you time and money. Call 0843 2899899 today.

At Broadfields we specialise in Car & Van Leasing and Contract Hire in UK.

  • We can supply to businesses of any size or type anywhere in UK. 
  • We can supply to sole traders & private individuals anywhere in the UK. 
  • We can supply any make & model of car or van. 
  • We can provide a quote to your exact term, initial rental (or deposit) and mileage. 
  • All vehicles are supplied brand new by one of our approved authorised franchised dealers. 
  • Delivery is free of charge to any UK mainland address. 
  • All vehicles are supplied with the manufacturer’s warranty and breakdown service.

Please select from the menu options to search our website for our latest deals or alternatively if you are not sure how to finance your new vehicle or you require some general advice then call Broadfields now on 0843 2899899 and speak to one of our qualified advisors who will be pleased to help.



  • Edgware
  • Mill Hill
  • Swiss Cottage
  • Baker Street
  • Park Lane


  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Mini-buses